TP e-Catalog

TP e-catalog, a solution to easily and quickly obtain information about products.

TP e-catalog is a solution that will allow you to electronically exchange documents with your distributors and / or wholesalers on the Internet. Your products will be published in an electronic catalog that will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that your customers can place orders securely and easily with the data completely updated. Additionally, your Business Partners will be able to quickly and effectively search for the products offered, with the benefit of reducing costs and time.

For those companies wishing to align the database and avoid efforts of double publication, this service is complemented by the Sincronet catalog.

With TP e-Catalog you will be able to:

  • Electronically provide updated information about your products.
  • Update and customize pricing and discounts by customer type.
  • Provide access to distributors and / or wholesalers to your Products Catalog.
  • Automatically receive orders placed.
  • View record of your previous orders and order status.
  • Review account statements and / or outstanding invoices./span>

Some of the benefits TP e-Catalog will bring to your company are:

  • Avoiding orders transcription.
  • Purchase orders will be received in a shorter period of time.
  • Orders can be sent from any place using a TP e-catalog.
  • Privacy and protection of data. Each business advisor can only access to his/her distributors and / or wholesalers data.
  • The company’s operating and administrative costs are reduced.

Some of the benefits for distributors and / or wholesalers are:

  • Simple and quick procedures. Distributors and / or wholesalers can enter their orders directly online.
  • Costs are reduced since the use of a fax, e-mail or phone to send their orders becomes unnecessary.
  • Safe procedures. Only users who have registered will be able to access the system.

The solution which optimizes the electronic exchange of business documents between your company and its distributors and / or wholesalers


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