ABOUT TRADEPLACE is a service for creating and operating B2B business communities via the Internet. A TradePlace business community is comprised of a group of companies conducting trade with each other or providing services that facilitate transactions between third parties, in what has been called Electronic Commerce Business to Business.

Communities enabled by TradePlace allow trade between companies of different sizes and different technological infrastructures, established in any geography. These are companies such as retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, etc. that perform multiple transactions with one another.

TradePlace offers a sophisticated platform that allows for exchange of electronic documents (invoices, purchase orders, payments, etc.) using standard formats and/or owners leveraged in technologies such as EDI, XML, IDOC, TXT, CSV, PDF, etc., and also using the best automatic transfer tools (FTPS, VAN, AS2) as traditional methods of loading and unloading information via the web.

Our quick customer service is another of our main strengths. Our integrated team requires no supervision and is highly responsible, always committed not only to dates and objectives, but also to customer satisfaction.












TradePlace is an e-commerce service of ENIAC

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