TP Finances
The best solution for the electronic delivery and receipt of financial documents

Most companies that are trying to reduce their operational costs implement the electronic exchange of business documents in their Finance, Commercial, and Logistics Departments. TradePlace offers the electronic exchange of documents in all these areas.

For the Financial department in particular, TradePlace offers TP Finance service. It allows companies to electronically publish their Business Partners’ financial documents. Costs are substantially reduced by optimizing the manual processes currently used for delivering these documents.

Financial Documents

  • Payments details
  • Account Statements
  • VAT, income tax and ARCV Retention
  • Returns
  • Electronic Invoice/span>
  • Credit Notes

TP Finances Benefits

TP Finances optimizes the creation and delivery of a company’s financial documents to its Business Partners. Delivery time is reduced and manual processes are automated, obtaining the following benefits:

  • Saving Administrative / office costs:
  • No second personnel for delivery of documents
  • Reduction of document printing, phone calls, mail, fax and other fixed costs
  • Optimization of physical space, turning stacks of paper into files stored in a computer
  • Expedites and streamlines customer care service
  • Supports "EcoCausa", environment-friendly
  • Expedites audit and reconciliation processes
  • Allows to handle financial documents images with legal validity, including the signature and the corporate seal
  • Orders status
  • Increased security in the protection of documents


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