A B2B business community (Business to Business) offers the possibility of linking a large number of companies, customers, and suppliers in one meeting place to conduct trade with each other. It provides a set of services and tools to reduce costs and increase efficiency in marketing products and services by means of a neutral, secure, and reliable technological and functional shared infrastructure.

Due to its advantages, companies are turning to electronic commerce, in the spirit of becoming more competitive within a global market that can not wait. Thanks to the Internet, the scenario has changed; now trading is done through the network, allowing higher profits with a better cost-benefit for doing business.

The electronic exchange of documents is the cornerstone of the whole process that enables companies to become more efficient and flexible in their internal operations, working more closely with their suppliers to provide greater benefits to their customers. As we can see, with e-commerce everyone wins. is defined in electronic commerce as a B2B business multicorporate webpage that allows a company to exchange electronic documents (Purchase Orders, Inventory, Payments, etc.) with its business partners (suppliers, customers, wholesalers and distributors) via the internet.




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